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Transformation Therapy with Christian

‘Your subconscious mind is more powerful than any drug.’



Transformational Therapist (M.Sci) (PGDE) (APMP) (C.Hyp) (RTT®)


Have you ever felt anxious and not sure where the feeling is coming from or know that you have all the skills to be an incredible sportsperson but somehow just cannot seem to get the performance you desire?

Have you always wanted to be able to be free from the fear of flying or speaking in public and many other such events to feel free to do any of these things without the worry and all that comes with it?

Have you ever been through such trauma that you just feel you can’t see or feel a way out and need someone to hold your hand and guide you through to the light of a freer life full of genuine happiness and peace? 

Rapid Transformational Therapy® can work with all of these issues and more and transform these feelings.

Meet Christian

I was brought up in Prestwick and came back to the area 4 years ago. From a young age I was always amazed about what the brain can achieve and how powerful it is. I knew I would like to have a job utilising its power to help people. I therefore studied Psychology as a Science degree. During the degree I was particularly interested in how chemicals worked in the brain so I decided to continue my studies in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry and obtained a M.Sci in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry in 2005. After graduating, I worked in a variety of roles in NHS, Education and Defence sectors gaining lots of experience in child development and human behaviour and had a particular skill and experience in coaching and nurturing students and staff members. Helping others has always been a passion of mine and I wanted to utilise my knowledge and skills in that area so I trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy in order to provide a powerful therapy for clients to get to the root of any issue and very much transform it. This powerful and clever therapy encompasses the best of Hypnotherapy and other therapies such as CBT, NLP, Neuroscience and Psychotherapy to get to the root of a presenting issue and transform it. It is a wide-ranging therapy that can be used with children and adults. I have worked with many different issues and types of people and I look forward to welcoming clients to CoreHealth Chiropractic.


I had a session with Christian for confidence and it was incredible! Her warm, loving, kind energy throughout the entire session made me feel very safe and I knew I was in good hands. She fully dedicated herself to me, guiding me so beautifully to understand why I had doubts about my confidence, and made sure I got a fantastic transformation. And indeed I got one! Immediately (and I really mean immediately) after our session I felt so much more confident and full of self-belief. I was ready to take on any challenge and felt very assured with myself. I absolutely recommend a session with Christian, she truly is an incredible therapist and I absolutely adore her energy!
A.A-Z, Europe

Before I worked with Christian, I had extreme anxiety and self-doubt. The session with Christian was absolutely magical. It reminded me of an empowering truth about myself that I had forgotten, and assisted me in embracing that truth. It imprinted on me that truth, and all I need to do is think about the session and what was revealed to feel comforted, reassured and empowered. It was truly transformational.

What I love most about Christian is that she deeply cares about her clients and she has an unwavering commitment to assist them in achieving what they want for themselves. Her passion for enabling her clients to transform their lives is remarkable. I felt very safe with her, which is extremely unusual for me. I have difficulty trusting people because of my childhood experiences, but that wasn’t a problem for me with Christian. I felt seen, heard, and respected, and those are incredibly important qualities for me in a therapist.

When I am making a decision around whether or not to make a significant investment in myself with someone, I want reassurance that it will be worth it. That the person offering to assist me actually can. Christian is an incredibly talented therapist, with all the qualities I look for and value, and she delivered above and beyond what I was hoping to achieve by working with her.

This was my first ever therapy session, and I’m so glad it was with Christian. I came to her with the issue of Procrastination. She was so friendly and approachable and put me at ease right away. Her guidance through the session was skilful and professional and we reached an excellent result. She even went above and beyond; sharing useful resources with me that I could research. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Christian and would recommend her to anyone.


Sara, England
I came in to get help with self confidence and increasing my belief in myself. The session was extremely well done. Very calming and safe environment with the therapist expertly guiding me to find the root of my issues. Listening to the recording is an excellent way to reinforce the key upgrades to my thinking to help improve my confidence. Since having my session and listening to the recording, I have felt a greater sense of confidence in myself particularly at work. Being clearer and concise in what I say and do. In addition, to feeling confident myself I have also had colleagues comment on the improvement they have seen in me in speaking out in difficult meetings.


David, England


Increased performance
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Weight loss
Exploiting your true potential
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Transformation Therapy

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